Class Timetable

AHYS offers specialized Asana sequences for each level. Regular classes consist of Asanas postures), Relaxation and brief Meditation. Meditation and Pranayama classes are also offered (contact us for more details).



The benefits of yoga go much deeper than Physical level and relieving stress. Through consistent practice a person can overcome anxiety, depression, and experience an actual spiritual fulfilmentĀ or happiness. The secret to gaining the maximum benefits is to practice regularly.

Stilling the mind

Stilling the mind

Suspending all activity, both physical and mental, enables the nervous system to rest. Disengaging our senses from the outside world bring the experience of Stillness. When we are still, only then can we connect to our true self and find inner peace.

Anahata Yoga Studio

AYS is settled in the quiet streets of Doncaster. A calming environment ensues as you enter the studio. Simplicity and tranquillity allow you to focus on achieving peace within yourself. Classes are run by highly experienced Hatha Yoga teacher Marta Majka.

Marta is here to guide you on your yoga journey, helping you connect with your body,mind and soul.

Join our classes and learn more about the world of YOGA!

Our clients typically come from the surrounding suburbs of Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale and Box Hill.